80 Script-That of Greatness

That of Greatness

80 Script, who is managed by Gold Ambition and Motherland X, has been taking the local music scene by storm in the past few years, real name Zolile Motsa started rapping at the age of 11 but professionally in 2014 after meeting Msenge, ‘He made me believe on myself’ 80 Script explains. Before going solo he was in few rap groups such as Young n Fresh and Focus.

80 Script was first introduced into our speakers on a Freestyle skit on Psycholution’s Psy-Tik-Revolution EP before releasing his solo track ‘September Mind’ and first mixtape These Are The Basics in 2014, in that year he also worked with Kwesta on a song called ‘studio affair’ which was put together by Swazi Jive for their Art Money EP. His follow up project was ‘You Do the Dishes’ a make-up project to his fans for not dropping ‘That of Greatness’ his official studio album on time. ‘You do the dishes was also dropped in 2015 because I wanted to make sure that I drop a new project every single year, which no artist in whatever genre has ever done that in Swaziland and the long-term goal for doing that is to get to a point whereby Hip Hop competes with Gospel, or even exceed it’ 80 Script explains. ‘That of Greatness’, 80 Script’s official studio album will be released September this year and will be a 15 track project, as he wants to satisfy the ear without giving too much.

On ‘That of Greatness’ 80 Script revealed that the predominant producers are Rendition, who has worked with Script from the start as he considers him ‘his partner in song’, and Ctea from Ghana who also has a guest feature on the project, other guest features are Milkiee (Swaziland), Una Rams (South Africa) and many more. Sadly there won’t be any Mr. Kangaroo guest feature as we expected when we heard the lines ‘Some weeks back// I got an inbox//80 Script ifuna sente e sick song//’ from the song ‘Psycho Lwabish’ as 80 feels like Mr. Kangaroo used him to fight his battles with Psycholution.80 Script stated that Kanga and him are cool, there are no hard feelings, it’s just that he is not as enthusiastic doing a track with him as he was before.

80 Script also opened up about his friendship with Psycholution whom he first met in a cypher at the back of Spar ‘With the hip-hop bond that we share, we have become brothers in rhyme and in life as we have a good friendship going on’ the 23 year old 80 explains. These two have worked together on several tracks and we have heard them expressing their respect for each other on tracks.80 Script will be headlining his own show dubbed ‘The Soiree: My Silver Jubilee” at the Royal Swazi Sun convention Centre on the 30th of September 2016 as he trying to take hip-hop to another level this year.


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